What Sets Uniforms Apart

Uniforms… if you thought they were all the same, and that choosing a workwear provider came down to a matter of cost, you may need to think again. There are many defining differences that set exceptional uniforms apart from ordinary uniforms – differences that result in better health and safety, more productive employees and workforces that are true representatives of their company.

What Sets a Uniform Apart is… A Solid Focus on Health and Safety

The UK enjoys some of the toughest clothing manufacturing standards in the world. Industries such as construction, aviation and logistics each also have their own rules and regulations that impact what must be worn from head to toe, to keep workers safe.

Without question ensuring that your uniforms adhere to guidelines is an essential foundation for a uniform set apart (ruling out cheap, manufacturers with questionable production standards).

What Sets a Uniform Apart is… the Quality of Materials, Printing and Embroidery

Cheap materials quickly fade and fall victim to the pressures of everyday wear (even more so, in challenging environments such as on the construction site). This makes cheap and cheerful uniforms a complete false economy (and, worse still, faded uniforms with peeling or unravelling artwork leave the public with the wrong impression of your company).

What Sets a Uniform Apart is… a Uniform Tailored for the Job

Your uniforms should be about your workers – their everyday tasks, their comfort, their health and safety. To this end, we know the difference our consultative approach makes. By understanding employee needs, we create corporate uniforms that empower.

But what exactly do we mean by ‘bespoke’? In our case, we mean:

  • A consultative approach – designed around your needs and your staff’s needs
  • A completely individual solution – with designs created by graphic design professionals from your brief
  • Embroidery or print chosen by you, designed by our team and carried out in house for control over timescales and quality


What Sets a Uniform Apart is… A Uniform Aligned With Your Branding

Your employees are a valuable representation of your company – looking smart and showcasing your company colours, logo and brand personality should each be key considerations for your uniform.

For this, in-house embroidery and heat seal facilities are required – for guaranteed quality, colour and consistency of your corporate identity.

When undergoing a uniform redesign, it is mission-critical to work closely with in-house designers (who have advanced tools to hand). This team should be happy to produce multiple concepts to demonstrate what’s possible. Only by seeing the possibilities of your new uniform can you truly see for yourself just what it is that sets a uniform apart.

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