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Meeting an ever changing supply need

We are meeting the daily challenges of employee protection and workwear requirements. Our long standing relationships with our broad supply chain, as well as UK PPE & garment manufacturers and international suppliers, means we can meet our customers challenging supply needs. See our Product and Sector Pages for more information on how we are able to assist you with your current requirements for Virus Mitigation products.

How we do it

The extensive supply network we have built over 20 years of trading, and the comprehensive nature of our product and service offer, puts us in a unique situation amongst workwear and protective equipment suppliers. We are able to source products quickly and efficiently to meet the needs of our customer base. We pride ourselves on our agile approach and ability to meet the most challenging demands our customers face.

What we do

We provide a fully outsourced personal protective equipment, workwear and uniform department for our clients; where durability, safety and brand identity are always carefully considered.

At HeathBrook we appreciate that happy employees are more productive, more motivated and less likely to burn out. Your uniform is only a small piece of the puzzle, but we’re firm believers in making the little things count.

We make it our business to understand your brand and how your people operate

We work with organisations who value their employees. Through our unique uniform management audit analysis, we can deliver higher quality clothing and cost savings. That means your employees are happier and so are you.

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