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Get ready for work

Corporate clothing, safety footwear and equipment

At HeathBrook we’re dedicated to taking care of every aspect of your corporate workwear, uniform and protective clothing needs. From personalised branded styles to off-the-shelf garments that fit your workforce like a glove. We’re on hand to offer friendly advice on every aspect of your requirements - from design to delivery. Our flexible services make it easy to fulfil and manage your uniform requirements in an effortless and cost-effective way.

We make it our business to understand your brand and how your people operate

We work with organisations who value their employees. Through our unique uniform management audit analysis, we can deliver higher quality clothing and cost savings. That means your employees are happier and so are you.

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What we do

We provide a fully outsourced uniform and workwear department for our clients; where durability, safety and brand identity are always carefully considered.

Why we do it

At HeathBrook we appreciate that happy employees are more productive, more motivated and less likely to burn out. Your uniform is only a small piece of the puzzle, but we’re firm believers in making the little things count.

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