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Discover our brands. Whether you're looking for high quality tailor-made garments or durable, long-lasting technical workwear, our brands deliver the Heathbrook promise: quality you can rely on.

Exclusive to HeathBrook, TopDrawer presents exquisitely tailored business wear and high-quality, tailor-made garments. Produced in the UK and Europe from fine fabrics, which are painstakingly sourced and selected for quality to ensure they are worthy of the brand.

The HeathBrook team thrive on a challenge to create something unique; if you have a requirement for a smart uniform solution please get in touch to find out more.

Our customers ask for the TuffStitch brand because they are assured of excellent value for money and appreciate that this range will outlast anything else they have tried.

This range of workwear has been specially designed to suit its environment, with careful fabric selection, style, sizing and construction. Seams are reinforced for durability and extended product life and the fastenings are selected for their reliability and to last the length of the garments life. 

If you have a requirement for a durable clothing range that is made to last, get in touch to request samples and more information.

An entirely new concept in the footwear market – safety footwear, crafted and created using non-metallic materials. We have worked closely with our customers to design and manufacturer a footwear range that enables them to work confidently, comfortably and safely.

Designed and manufactured in Italy to exacting standards, the range is extremely lightweight and comfortable and we have a broad variety of styles available to suit most industries.

Lightyear is currently worn and appreciated by thousands of employees across the UK and Europe and has enjoyed enormous success. We invite you to try them for yourself by requesting a free trial today.

Our EasyBreeze products have been tried and tested in tough work environments and weather conditions and have proved to satisfy the requirements of many wind turbine engineers in the UK and Europe. The products in this range have been carefully selected for their quality, durability, and suitability to the demands of offshore operations.

By means of our Workwear Manager, the products can be ordered online and delivered anywhere in the UK or Europe within 48 hours. To find out more and to request samples, please get in touch.

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