Our policies

Environmental Policy

We acknowledge our part in protecting the natural habitat of the planet.

Our aim is to:

  • Seek ways of minimising the impact of our business on the Earth’s resources
  • Make use of alternative resources or materials that have least impact on our environment

We endeavour to ensure that our operations:

  • Comply with U.K. environmental regulations
  • Conserve energy and prevent pollution

    We will do this by:

    • Putting environmental management into our business operations and decision-making
    • Measuring and reviewing our environmental successes to our own objectives and targets
    • Promoting the benefits of sound environmental practices with our supply chain
    • Seeking to use materials efficiently to minimise waste and promote re-cycling wherever possible in all our operations
    • Reducing, wherever practical, the level of harmful emissions within our business, especially from our vehicles and any other equipment under our direct control

    Environmental Policy


    Health & Safety Policy

    We are experts in corporate health and safety, maintaining the very highest standards throughout our organisation by obligation and by example.

    • We are committed to the pursuit of excellence in the quality of products offered to our clients and the standard of health and safety we provide
    • We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our staff, customers and any other visitors who may be on our premises
    • We promote a standard of health and safety which will minimise risk, avoid accidents and ill health
    • The standards we maintain will never knowingly be lower than those prescribed by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and its associated legislation. Our aim is to exceed these requirements
    • All staff have a duty under the Health and Safety at Work 1974 to take care of themselves and others who may be affected by their own acts or omissions
    • Members of staff have been given specific health and safety responsibilities such as first aid assistance. The names and responsibilities are posted on the wall chart from the HSE
    • Suggestions for improvements of health and safety issues are encouraged and we consider them all
    • Regular staff meetings always includes the opportunity to discuss health and safety matters
    • The responsibility for Health and Safety matters is delegated to a Senior Partner

    health & safety policy


    Ethical Trading Policy

    We are committed to carrying out business in a socially responsible manner and we, together with our suppliers, will:

    • Treat our employees fairly and equally
    • Respect human rights, not employ child labour or forced labour, or exploit our employees in any way
    • Not discriminate against people with different backgrounds, race, colour, religion, sex, age, physical disability, national origins or any other basis
    • Operate our business with integrity and honesty
    • Where within our control, maintain a sustainable environment and act in a responsible manner in order to protect future generations
    • Be a caring member of our community
    • Portray our products truthfully and provide full and accurate information about them to our customers
    • Protect consumer rights with full product after sales support available during operating hours
    • Ensure that our suppliers agree fully with the above, and accept our monitoring processes

    ethical trading policy


    Corporate Social Responsibility

    We have audited our supply chain (including all suppliers of goods or services for resale) and can confirm the following:

    • Their commitment to humane practices
    • They conduct business in an ethical manner with due regard to their workforce, their families and the wider population and that they are improving their quality of life with appropriate financial rewards
    • They are helping to contribute to sustainable economic development in the country of manufacture, in the widest sense
    • The management are committed to ensuring that safe working practices are followed and a safe working environment is encouraged
    • They have a genuine interest in the welfare of their staff
    • They demonstrate a mature attitude towards the protection of the environment, and do not pollute it in any way
    • They have a continual improvement policy for the benefit of their staff and the environment
    • That recycling of waste and sustainability are matters receiving attention at present

    Corporate Social Responsibility Policy