5 key features of an empowering corporate uniform

When talking corporate uniforms, great care has to be taken. Branded clothing should showcase your company, positively conveying your company values, beliefs and achieving a level of consistency across your entire brand. There is no doubt about it, your company uniform has many tasks to tackle. Here are 5 key aspects that must be considered to create a unique uniform of your own.

1. Brand identity & colour

Brand identity and colour are two elements that help your customers instantly recognise and engage with your staff. The more workers who together display a uniform look, in the same brand colours, the stronger the unified message to the public that they are all working to achieve the same goal.

2. The fit

The fit of workwear garments is essential for the wearer to feel comfortable when undertaking their tasks, as well as feeling empowered to represent the brand with pride. A good fit on a person makes them feel both confident and comfortable as though they are wearing their own clothes – therefore performance often improves.

3. Fabrics

Fabrics for corporate wear are significantly different to those used in retail clothing, although they may appear to be comparable. Corporate fabrics perform to a higher standard and are of a far more robust quality as opposed to fashion items. The wardrobe lasts longer and is worn near enough every day, therefore factors like crease resistance and easy care are key in corporate fabrics.

4. Practicality

Practicality is key to the performance of both the uniform and the individual wearing it. Any effective uniform will be designed specifically around the intended wearer and their job role. All garments have to be fit for purpose or they will be no good to the wearer. This can include bespoke features that allow a person to complete their everyday tasks with the utmost ease.

5. Style & fashion

Style and fashion are strong influencers on uniform designs. Uniform plays a big part in people’s lives, and so it’s important that staff genuinely love aspects of their workwear, and that they really enjoy the experience of wearing it. Ultimately getting the style and design of your uniform right can mean that your staff embrace their workwear and represent your brand fully.

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