Anti-virus clothing

We’re delighted to bring you the latest innovation from Club Class workwear, billed as a “new suit of armour” for you and your colleagues.

Boasting a 40-year track record in supplying corporate workwear, it’s no surprise that Club Class workwear is taking corporate styling and uniforms to another level.

Their Everyone AV Tex collection is designed to combat the challenges of coronavirus and is treated with AV Tex anti-viral, anti-bacterial treatment, and comes in styling that is suitable for a range of colleagues including security teams, airline staff, and retail workers.

How does AV Tex technology work?

Clubclass Av Tex

Covid-19 has focused our attention on keeping our colleagues safe, and most of the initial responses have revolved around supply and use of appropriate PPE such as face shields and masks. Club Class have taken the idea of a protective barrier one step further, and designed a collection of everyday, mainstream styled clothing that can be worn by colleagues in some of the industries most at risk from working through the pandemic, like hospitality, retail staff and transport providers. Clothes are treated with ground-breaking technology that neutralises the fatty chromosomes around a virus. This means the virus cannot grow as quickly and is destroyed within two hours.

A positive step for colleague engagement

Whilst everyone understands the importance of physical barriers against the virus, the fact that something like Covid-19 can live on other surfaces like fabric is not part of the mainstream conversation. By highlighting this risk, and providing a simple, even stylish, solution companies can be confident that they are ensuring the safety of their colleagues and colleagues’ families, who may be unwittingly exposed to the virus when their loved ones arrive home.

This level of care is vital for engendering a sense of well-being in your teams, particularly after an arduous, and sometimes frightening year. Whilst the end seems to be drawing nearer, there is still some way to go and taking extra steps to ensure colleague safety is one of the best ways to boost morale.

We already know what a positive impact quality workwear has for business and teams and by offering a solution to a very real issue, Club Class Everyone AV Tex Collection takes the positive psychological benefits to another level. Throw in factors like their commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing, as well as their impeccable styling and it's clear why Club Class are one of the suppliers we love.