Building your Brand Through your Corporate Wear

Your brand reputation precedes everything that you do. The only things you can control about your reputation are the exceptional delivery of your company products or services and having great employees. The rest is created by customer’s experience with your brand. And believe it or not, how your staff dress has an impact on how clients perceive your brand. In this article we are going to discuss how corporate wear can help you strengthen your brand and make it more recognizable.

Corporate Brand recognition

Your corporate wear should immediately identify and distinguish your organization. This is achieved by coordinating the right brand colours and using prominent logos wherever necessary. Some good examples of corporate brands that are easily recognized due to their corporate wear colours and logos include brands such as Virgin, Emirates Airlines and McDonalds. If you are in the airline industry, check out what we presented at the British-Irish Airport Expo 2016 in June.

Increase Customer Confidence

According to research by J.D. Power and Associates, customers prefer employees in uniform and believe it is easier to recognize in public. The research goes on to say that corporate wear makes your staff look better trained. The right corporate wear increases customers trust and confidence in your business. To increase this confidence, ensure your corporate wear represents your core values and is consistent across your locations.

The right corporate wear distinguishes your organization and sets the right perception of your brand to clients.

Sense of Belonging

Research suggests that companies with corporate wear make the working environment feel more equal. Second only to your clients, the satisfaction of your staff is imperative. Giving them the best corporate wear will increase their pride which in turn increases productivity and profit. Happy employees do better overall which reflects positively on your brand.

Change perception

How clients perceive your brand will affect your reputation. The right corporate wear distinguishes your organization and sets the right perception of your brand to clients. It conveys quality work ethic and gives clients a sense of receiving better products and better quality of service. You change perception by adhering to simple guidelines. If you are in construction, ensure all your staff are dressed personal protective equipment (PPE). If you are in retail or leisure, create a perception of quality using neat, professional corporate wear.

In Conclusion

Giving clients the right impression at the point of meeting sets not only their expectation of your service but also the quality of your staff. This will distinguish your brand and strengthen the positive associations that clients have. Always remember that first impressions can make or break a deal so ensure your corporate wear matches your delivery.

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