Choosing a colour for my work uniform

One thing you can predict about the global fashion industry is that it's often highly unpredictable! Imaginative clothing designers are constantly blending the latest fabrics, cutting edge styles and the next ‘must-have’ colour palette. Apparently, for the rest of 2021 restorative neutrals and calming shades from nature are in, and for 2022 safe, trustworthy blues are set to be popular.

Fashion or Traditional?

Mascot Accelerate Green

The inspiration provided by fashion designers has led some companies to get highly creative with their uniforms, putting staff in colours and styles that get them noticed! One of the arguments for this policy is that staff may take more pride in their workwear – and therefore their employer – if their uniforms are fun, fashionable and vibrant.

However, to help there are certain accepted principles of colours for workwear, that we hope will help you in the decision process.

Basic brand support

Overcomplicated designs are always a risk in corporate clothing, but if you stray too far from your brand colours or get wildly innovative, you can make your company look rather hectic, eclectic and eccentric. Getting smart, attractive workwear that blends perfectly with your brand identity is often a better option for passive marketing. It implies authority, attention to detail and staff unity.

Colour specific workwe

Club Class Waiting Staff

Another thing to consider when deciding how to choose colours for workwear is any logical unwritten ‘rules’ for certain job roles.

A perfect example is the clothing worn within the foodservice sector. White features heavily, as it shows spills and splashes easily. This minimises the risk of cross-contamination and reassures customers that clothing is clean and fresh. Staff workwear in laboratories and clean rooms are often white for similar reasons.

White reflects heat in hot kitchens too, and can potentially be bleached to adhere to strict hygiene standards. However, front of house staff in hospitality often wear black skirts, trousers and aprons to look professional, but also as that hides food or drink spills. They rarely have time to change mid-shift!

The science behind colour

Womens Corporate Wear

Beyond function, exploring options for uniform design can use long-accepted colour meanings, a subject we have touched on before.

For instance, darker shades of blue are accepted as conveying tradition and reliability. If your bank assistant, solicitor or mortgage broker is wearing bright yellow, it can be both distracting and discerning. Whereas in creative settings, having corporate clothing that features sunshine shades is the perfect way to show optimism and joy. In some companies, having red in workwear suggests energy, passion and excitement. In another setting, it can indicate danger or aggression. Bright colours are also helpful for creating high-vis workwear, in manufacturing, engineering and logistics settings.

How to pinpoint colour for corporate clothing

How can you match your new workwear to your branding, job roles, the latest fashions and the science of colour? Get in touch with the colour experts at HeathBrook. Our supply partners include ClubClass who supply fashionable corporate wear and Mascot for the latest fashion in workwear. For more inspiration from our many highly recognised partners see our Corporate Wear and Workwear pages.