Corporate uniform – why a uniform trial is a must

Your employees are an inherently valuable asset to your business; if you are thinking about re-designing your corporate uniform, you would do well to explore the advantages that a uniform trial can bring – both for them, and for your company.

Productivity – It's very much reliant on the right uniform

There is a definitive lack of any concrete research into how much of an impact uniform has when it comes to productivity. Yet there are three core contributors that uniform provides that are, without question, influential on work efficiency…

  • Staying cool in summer and warm in winter
    Whether office based or out on the road as a rep, a uniform plays an important role in keeping your employees toasty over the colder months, and cool during the hotter seasons. A uniform trial can shed light on just how this can be achieved, for everyone.
  • Smart uniformity – Creating a sense of belonging
    Smart uniforms create expectations and an air of formality in the workplace – yet beyond the creation of culture, they also instate a feeling of belonging, and can differentiate one team, from another.
  • Uniforms that are comfortable allow employees to work free from restriction
    The balance to be struck between smartness and clothing that is comfortable is not as fine as you may imagine. Today, with materials, designs and attire technologies that are more advanced than ever before, you no longer have to choose comfort over style or vice versa. That said, a trial can ensure that ultimate comfort is achieved – ensuring that the right materials, designsand technologies are chosen for the task in hand and the specific job role that they’re being trialled for.
  • Staff involvement ensures your workforce feel valued and a part of your corporate identity
    Re-branding your uniform is an important investment, and a central part of your brand is your workforce. After all, your employees are the ones on the front line, delivering an impressive service or creating quality products – ensuring that they take centre stage when trailing your uniform guarantees that they feel valued and that they feel free to feedback honestly when the trial draws to a close.

Gatwick Airport – The HBCW Uniform Trial for the Security Team

The role of the security team at Gatwick Airport is critically important to ensuring passenger and employee safety – in a setting where 186,000 travellers pass through every day, and where 24,000 staff work, theirs is a challenging job.

As airport uniform specialists, we seemed an obvious choice of supplier, yet despite our thorough understanding of this industry (and more to the point, the people who work within it) we knew that a uniform trial would prove invaluable.

From the Gatwick Airport trial came numerous pointers of feedback that we could act upon, such as adding more buttons to the shirts to avoid modesty issues, manufactured longer in length than usual to make sure staff appear smart at all times and also in a crease resistant fabric that makes the shirt easier to care for so they can last longer, this ensures that the new uniform achieved its primary aim of differentiating airport security from the many other airport workers, all whilst ensuring comfort, smartness and practicality.

Try it on, test it out – be confident that your employees are empowered, comfortable and confident in your corporate clothing, not uncomfortable, restricted and unhappy

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