Covid-19 Innovations

Many businesses and individuals are struggling to adapt to the 'new normal' that has been created by the COVID-19 pandemic. To help businesses with the new challenges and the regulations put in place, many industries and sectors have been developing new products and services, to keep workers and the general public safe.

1. PPE Vending Machines

Vending Machine for PPE

Selecta, a well-established vending machine company, has swapped crisps and chocolate for masks and hand sanitiser to create PPE vending machines, officially named 'Safe Stations'. The PPE vending machines are currently being trialled in Zurich airport and Brussels train station but could be soon seen around the world if they are successful. The stations have been installed to ensure everyone has the opportunity to buy a face mask prior to travelling and help people who are prone to forgetting their mask.

At HeathBrook we have picked up on this very idea, and are able to offer our customers this innovate solution. This is especially relevant to all our customers that offer passenger services. If this is of interest, our team will be glad to discuss your exact requirements in more detail.

2. Peak Shopping Chatbots

The global supermarket chain, Lidl, is trialling a new chatbot in Ireland that messages its customers through a chatbot and tells them when the quietest time to shop is in a WhatsApp message. The purpose of the chatbot is to avoid overcrowded supermarkets and prevent customers from having to queue for a long period of time. It also enables vulnerable individuals to pick the safest time possible to complete their shopping.

3. Anti-bacterial Corporate Wear

Club Class AV Tex

Something more close to home, and no surprises that our workwear partners are being extra innovative in these difficult times.

Club Class has recently launched a line of clothing which neutralises Coronavirus. This is achieved through applying AV.Tex anti-viral and anti-bacterial treatment on to their Everyone Collection. Their uniform collection is incredibly versatile, ensuring every employee from a receptionist to security guards can benefit from safer uniforms. The Club Class anti-viral and anti-bacterial line of clothing is of course available through HeathBrook.

4. Anti-bacterial Coffee Cup

Who doesn't like a good cup of coffee right? You may find this research article interesting on reusable coffee mugs and why having an anti-bacterial one is such a good idea. There are plenty of UK promotional companies that use the Biomaster technology. It might be a really appropriate branded gift for customers and staff right now.

Talk to us about innovation

We have been working with a number of customers and offering them very innovative branded solutions in their fight against Coronavirus. We are very happy to discuss your particular needs and share with you our experiences.