Hot weather clothing for employees

Choosing clothing that is designed for hot weather is an important aspect of “employer care”, but it is also worth considering offering additional guidelines or benefits to employees around how to cope with those hotter days. It is likely to have a very positive effect on employee engagement, not to mention productivity.

Being prepared for all eventualities


The British summer remains unpredictable, so it is good to be prepared for all eventualities, especially when it comes to uniform wear. We have previously discussed ways to keep employees warm, but it is also important to think about ensuring that employees are given the best possible advice on how to stay cool and protected from the sun.

How you can help

Helping to keep employees hydrated is certainly one key consideration, supplying sun cream might be another. Including as part of the equipment list, safety glasses that come with a minimum of UV400 protection is another possibility, based on your sector of operations. Having a clear dress code for summer and winter might also assist, especially if there are expectations around wearing jackets, ties and scarves. Having a uniform wardrobe for all conditions is obviously of even greater benefit, as clothing can be tailored to temperature and humidity conditions.

Safety and comfort

We are often asked to make recommendations on what clothing is suitable for warm weather and that will meet all the required safety standards. We know that if staff are comfortable in what they are wearing, they won’t for example, be looking for ways to wear less safety garments in hotter conditions, or wear clothing in a way that doesn’t support a company’s brand values.

In essence, summer workwear needs to offer great ventilation, be lighter, be made of material that dries fast and offer the protection needed both from a UV protection standpoint, and where applicable more far reaching safety needs.


Leo waistcoat

Coolviz waistcoats from Leo are a perfect example of garments created with comfort and safety in mind. The garments are crafted from a unique fabric; its open knit construction allows increased airflow compared to standard waistcoat material, whilst still meeting the full requirements of ISO 20471. Solid polyester panels also ensure the garments keep their shape wear after wear.


Coolmax T Shirt

Another garment that we strongly recommend from our supplier Leo includes COOLMAX® performance T-Shirts. The fabric is worn by athletes to keep them cool and dry. An important aspect to any summer recommendation ‘wicking technology’, these T-shirts combine exceptional wicking technology with safety, so a perfect combination.

Cargo Trousers and Anoraks

Leo Anorak and Trousers

We also mentioned the importance of having a light weight garment, and that is never more true than the Leo Yelland Cargo Trouser. These are made from lightweight, 210gsm poly/cotton. They are over a third lighter than many standard cargo trousers.

Finally, if you are looking for a breathable anorak, we can recommend The Torridge from Leo Workwear. It is perfect for keeping the wearer dry and comfortable in warmer weather conditions. The 150d fabric is lightweight without compromising on performance, meeting class 3 for water penetration and breathability specified in EN 343.

Engaged and smartly dressed

At Heathbrook we work with many suppliers of quality garments that are all designed with extreme weather conditions in mind, from casual workwear to full PPE requirements. We can come up with the perfect solution and ensure that all items are on brand. By considering the conditions employees work in, we ensure that employees are comfortable at all times, which invariably means they are smartly dressed and reflecting your brand in the most positive light.