How a local lockdown affects my business

Many people are confused about local lockdown restriction and are unsure how to respond to a local lockdown adequately. We offer some advice.


Covid 19 regions

In order to prevent a second full lockdown, the government has recently introduced local lockdowns. Local authorities have been given certain powers to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, this includes the power to close businesses for a period of time. It is therefore prudent to do all you can to keep your business open by putting preventative measures in place.

An example of what a local lockdown looks like is what happened in Leicester - regulations required non-essential retail to close, restricted gatherings indoors of more than one household, and banned residents from staying overnight away from their homes. Pubs, restaurants and cafes, were required to remain shut.

1. New queue management systems

Local lock down prevention1

In accordance with local lockdown restrictions, though it can vary depending on the area in lockdown, separate households are not allowed to socialise in private homes, gardens or indoor venues. If you manage a business with outdoor seating, you may wish to create a new queue management system to separate individuals from mixed households wanting to sit outdoors. An effective queue management system will help you to safely separate your customers while still following local lockdown restrictions. In the parts of England under lockdown, people can still visit pubs, restaurants and other hospitality venues, but only with members of their household.

2. Increase separation and hygiene measures

Sanitising a table in cafe

If you have an outdoor space, such as an outdoor seating area, and are welcoming different households to sit together during a local lockdown, it is important you prevent groups from coming into contact with each other as much as possible. You can achieve this by using social distancing tape to section off certain areas of your business and placing posters around your outdoor space to ensure different groups remember the importance of social distancing. Cleaning of tables and menus after every sitting will not only protect customers but probably encourage repeat business.

3. Protect your employees

Different masks

Should you ask your employees to continue working during a local lockdown, you must appreciate how the new lockdown measures may be causing them to feel anxious and worried about continuing to work. To help ease their anxieties, you could look to provide masks and face shields, to help them feel comfortable and confident to continue working during a local lockdown. For more details on the different types of masks and the protection offered take a look at our guide.

The watchlist

Boris Johnson introduced local lockdowns as he believes "through targeted local action" the virus can be successfully controlled. While only a handful of locations are currently on local lockdown, there is an extensive list of locations on the government's lockdown watchlist. If your business is currently facing a local lockdown or is in a watchlist area (it is worth taking a look at the places being monitored), you may wish to go as far as fever detection and access control systems to keep your employees and customer safe and your business running. Everyone has a responsibility to do their bit and businesses can really help.

We offer a wide range of virus mitigation products, which are being added to daily so please contact us to discuss your concerns.