Uniforms help businesses

We have previously discussed uniforms as an engagement tool and as a way of getting your brand across to customers, but we thought we would recap on this and also delve a little deeper into the many other benefits of having employees wear one.

Brand identity

Gatwick staff uniforms unite

A recognisable uniform means a recognisable brand. The more ways a customer can connect to your brand, the more they will remember to come to you when they need your services. A strong uniform can also act as a fantastic advertising strategy, as potential customers may have access to the brand while they are on the move.

If a member of staff is wearing a uniform, it is likely they will more aware of their actions as they are easily identified by their uniform and name badges. Being more aware is likely to result in more positive behaviour, which will create a positive impression of your company and ultimately will influence how your customers feel about your brand.


While this isn’t relevant to all industries, some uniforms are worn purely for functionality. If you are managing a business in a high-risk industry, a well-designed uniform may be crucial and part of your legal obligations. We cover this in more detail in our blog on employer obligations.

Fewer outfit choices

Your employees may think it would be easier to wear their own clothes to work, but we can confidently say that this wouldn’t be true in most cases. By having a uniform picked out for them, they’ll save valuable time in the mornings, and also money on a new work wardrobe. Uniforms have to potential to be great stress relievers for those who would struggle to determine what to wear each day and might be negatively impacted by peer pressure.

Provide a sense of unity

Team uniform

You might not have considered it, but a uniform will most likely be providing your employees with a sense of belonging. In everyday clothes or even a classic business dress, they could be working anywhere. With your particular uniform, they’re working specifically for you and your business. Uniforms allow people to feel valued and part of a team. It’s common knowledge that better teamwork means optimum performance.



In general, a uniform promotes competence and experience, which inevitably suggests organisation and efficiency. The image of your employees also has a direct reflection on your company, and a uniform will help them to adopt a professional look at all times.

An attractive and appropriately fitted uniform is proven to help increase the wearer’s self-esteem, which can positively impact on an employee’s attitude and outlook at work. The sense of belonging it can encourage can ensure employees take greater responsibility for their collective actions. It can also act as a great leveller encouraging everyone to take an equally professional approach as they are part of the same team.