How safe workwear boosts engagement

The positive effects of uniform extends beyond simply feeling part of a team; as a manager, the safety and wellbeing of your staff is your responsibility, and choosing appropriate workwear to suit the working environments is a part of this. If the workwear you set for your staff keeps them safe and comfortable, they are far more likely to be engaged.

Workwear as an engagement tool

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We've written many times before about how workwear and uniforms can help to boost employee engagement. Numerous studies point towards the idea that employees who feel like part of a team by wearing a uniform, are both more engaged and more productive at work. We also previously talked about safety as an engagement tool and shared facts on how it can help your overall business KPIs.

Keeping your staff safe

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The most obvious example of safety in workwear is PPE in industrial settings, where it's important to ensure staff are all adequately protected from potential hazards, whether this means protective equipment to stop chemicals or debris from getting into the eyes, or steel-toe capped boots to protect feet from heavy objects.

But safe workwear isn't just a consideration in obviously hazardous jobs. It also means thinking about keeping warehouse or outdoor staff warm in winter, basically ensuring that uniforms are comfortable and fit for purpose for all types of work. Insisting that staff wear just a t-shirt in cooler temperatures or enforcing fleeces or suit jackets even in summer will make your staff uncomfortable and unhappy at work.

We can help you select materials that cater for different temperatures and weather conditions, from the battery powered heated jacket shown here to the PPE designed specifically for warmer weather.

Why uniform safety is important

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A study by Cornell University showed that uniforms affect both employee attitudes to work as well as their ability to do their job well.

There's no doubt that this is about considering your employees' needs. That means respecting your employees' rights to be safe and comfortable at work.

A simple way to do this is to offer a wide variety of branded clothing choices for work which all look professional but mean that staff can tailor their outfits to their own tastes and comfort preferences. Involve them in the uniform selection process and ensure your supplier does a full assessment of the requirements of an employees' job role before making recommendations.

Our happy employee audit process

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When we audit your business, we put your employee centre stage. While we look to make cost savings for you we look at how that money can be reinvested back into uniforms. We understand the benefits of employees feeling safe and comfortable and the positive impact that has on engagement, decreasing costs and driving up productivity.