How smart PPE benefits workers

You've probably heard of smart homes, smartphones, and smartwatches, but what about smart PPE, and how could it benefit your workforce and business?

SMART PPE reflects a greater commitment to safety

JSP Visilite Close Up copy

More and more employers are using smart PPE to keep their workers protected and safe, as well as enabling them to carry out their roles more easily and efficiently. While for some PPE is a legal requirement, investing in technology as well, not only keeps employees safe, but also shows how much they are valued.

More examples available from Heathbrook

Light Emitting Workwear
  • Smart helmets, ear muffs, face masks, and hard hats can be used to aid communication in loud or poor-visibility conditions.
  • Some Smart PPE workwear can be light-emitting for extra-high visibility, such as Pulsar's advanced form of hi-vis jackets.
  • Plus, some workwear is designed to incorporate cooling and heating elements to keep staff comfortable and safe, even in the harshest of conditions.

Technology creates warmth

Regatta Battery Power Pack Heated Jacket

Unrivalled warmth through technology, using a 5V USB power bank. Part of the Regatta range available from HeathBrook, a heated jacket with rechargeable copper heating zones.

The shell makes full use of our waterproof/breathable Isotex 10,000 performance fabric and sealed seams and a Durable Water Repellent finish provide all-weather protection. Inside slimline panels regulate your temperature with three heat settings (that you control), the panels are optimally placed around the back and chest to maintain core warmth. Due to the wire construction, the jacket can be compressed easily and is machine washable.

The benefits of smart PPE for workers and employers

In safety workwear, technology is fast becoming a key component in improving the efficiency of workers in dangerous environments.

Also, smart tech can help to reduce long-term costs, thanks to a reduction in accidents, consequently improved staff attendance, and increasing productivity. The cost to businesses of using smart tech PPE is actually reducing in line with the drop in the price of electronics.

Technology will continue to impact on all areas of a working life, and not just communications or PPE. Some employers are offering smartwatches or Fitbits to their employees as an incentive to get them to become more active, fitter, and increase their well-being. That also leads to increased productivity and lower absenteeism through sickness.

It is worth staying aware of how the work environment is changing and when it come to safety workwear we are here to help.

Final thoughts

Smart PPE uses technology to keep workers safe, as well as enabling them to carry out their roles more efficiently and effectively, making the use of advanced tech a win-win for everyone. Employers can also use the provision of certain forms of smart PPE as an incentive for their workers.