Maintain awareness as social distancing measures ease

As the UK gradually moves down the COVID-19 alert level system, restrictions and social distancing measures put in place are slowly beginning to ease. While this may seem like a good thing, it may be challenging for HR managers and business owners to remind their employees that the virus is still a threat, and to maintain the virus mitigation rules and regulations they have put in place. Here are some tips for maintaining virus awareness as lockdown and social distancing measures easeā€¦

1. Visual and audio reminders

2 posters

In the Government's official advice for shops and branches, it states that "You should display posters or information setting out how clients should behave on your premises to keep everyone safe." Posters will act as a consistent visual reminder to your employees and customers that the virus is still a risk and remind them of what they must do to keep themselves and others safe. The guidelines also state that businesses must "consider the particular needs of those with protected characteristics, such as those who are visually impaired." For this reason, business management could consider adding an audio message to play regularly to ensure those who cannot see the posters are also frequently reminded of the virus' threat.

2. Sanitation stations

Sanitiser Stations2

As employees ease back into work, they may become distracted with their daily duties and forget to wash their hands as frequently as they should. In the right conditions, the virus is believed to be able to remain on a surface for 28 days, making regular hand washing essential to stop the virus spreading around a workplace. Placing sanitation stations around the office will ensure employees do not forget to sanitise their hands and will help keep surfaces clean and uncontaminated.

3. Restrict access control

Video image control access

Watch our video here about how these systems work.

You may wish to introduce access control restrictions that will prevent an employee from entering a section of your workplace without washing or sanitising their hands.

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