How to use a defibrillator

At HeathBrook we are all about staff safety, and that extends to helping you ensure that you have equipment such as defibrillators readily available. We can supply this essential piece of health and safety equipment and as added reassurance, we offer you a free site audit and assessment service (depending on organisation size).

Why have a defibrillator in the workplace?

Cardiac Arrest

The truth is cardiac arrests can happen to anyone. Sudden cardiac arrest occurs often without warning. It is triggered by an electrical malfunction in the heart that causes an irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia). With the heart’s pumping action disrupted, it cannot pump blood to the brain, lungs, and other organs. Seconds later, a person loses consciousness and has no pulse. This is fatal if the victim is not treated.

Note: a cardiac arrest is different to a heart attack, which is when a blocked artery prevents oxygen-rich blood from reaching a section of the heart. On both occasions it is essential to call 999.

The benefit of having a defibrillator to hand is it can help save someone’s life and anyone can use one. Survival rates drastically increase when a defib is used to assist someone who has suffered a cardiac arrest compared to when only CPR is available. The defibrillator once attached will only provide a pulse if it is required.

How does a defibrillator work?

A defibrillator works by checking the casualty's heart rhythm once the defibrillator pads are placed on their chest and giving them a shock if needed. If an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) detects an irregular rhythm is present, it will send a shock to the patient to return the heart to its natural rhythm. The defib will only send this shock if required—there won’t be an instance where a patient is unnecessarily shocked. It is also important to note an AED will not restart a heart once it has completely stopped.

How to use a defibrillator


There are 4 key steps to remember

  1. Call 999
  2. Start CPR (listen to instructions from the emergency operator)
  3. Get someone to bring you the defibrillator
  4. Turn on the defibrillator and follow the instructions

Our Partner Service

We have partnered with Automated External Defibrillator experts AERO Healthcare to provide a free of charge defibrillator audit for larger organisations. This includes a full site survey, location and equipment checks. For more details of the many benefits download our PDF.

We can offer a free site survey

Free Audit Service

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The HeathBrook team are happy to help you do all you can to create a safer working environment and to show employees the priority you place on their wellbeing. Contact us today to discuss purchasing a defibrillator and using our partner services.