Importance of combining health & safety with corporate uniform

When you hear the term ‘health & safety’ you may think of helmets, goggles and work boots. What you may not think of are shirts, skirts, suits and formal footwear. So let’s explore who health and safety workwear should be for…

Think about reps on the road and their temperature regulation. Consider waiting staff who must look smart in clothing while keeping cool and being protected from open flames. And how about security staff – and the members of the public who may need to seek their assistance from a crowd of people? Finally, is there any industry in which a firm footing isn’t important – from the construction site to the corporate office? For example, the combat trouser (above) has a high-viz strip on each leg which provides safety to the wearer.

The Diversity of the Corporate Landscape & your Staff

The tasks that corporate workwear face are incredibly diverse; from industry to industry, job role to job role, the specifications, materials and features must adapt to the wearer and their everyday activities. It then pays to understand a simple concept of corporate workwear and health and safety – that it is all about your people – their roles, tasks and challenges.

Our corporate uniforms combine health and safety, with the key concerns of corporate uniform, such as a smart appearance, durability, practicality and stain resistance.

Then, there’s an often overlooked advantage of well-designed uniforms – that they help employees feel confident, comfortable and part of the corporate team, each of which can enhance performance and productivity.

We love creating uniforms

As a company we are passionate about designing uniforms. We sit down with you and listen, talk with you about your people, and discuss your staff requirements.


Branding – More than a Matter of Corporate Identity

The importance of branding your uniform goes beyond cohesive teams and strong business identity. Your staff should be instantly recognised from the general public – imagine concert goers being unable to decipher employees from fellow concert goers, and needing to know where to go, or flying travellers who need to report a suspicious package to airport staff.

Having worked alongside the Gatwick security team, we appreciate just what this challenge entails. Read the Gatwick case study and discover how we tackled this challenge, and how we also ensured this team were clearly identifiable as security staff, rather than customer service representatives.