Innovations for a health-conscious workplace

With people back in the office, or set to return soon, there are concerns about staying germ-free. For many, working from home helped them avoid the common cold and other bugs, as well as the coronavirus and this doesn't have to change, if innovation and safety are able to work hand in hand. Personal protection does not need to begin and end with face coverings, there are innovations big and small to help stop viruses from spreading. We are highlighting just a few innovations we have come across recently for the health conscious workplace.

1. Anti-viral clothing

Club Class AV Tex

Anti-viral clothing from ClubClass is a great corporate workwear solution – the clothing it is treated with a substance that degrades viral chromosomes in a matter of hours, giving you and your team the ability to avoid coronavirus, or any seasonal infections. On top of this, the anti-viral clothing still has the attention to detail and style that the company's regular business wear has, proving that style and safety do not have to be mutually exclusive.

2. Anti-bacterial coffee cups

Roughly half of all UK coffee is consumed at work, so anti-bacterial coffee cups could really help office health. It is possible to buy coffee cups and coffee lids which make use of an anti-bacterial coating to reduce contamination. Coffee cups are a breeding ground for bacteria, and this innovative solution is perfect for a world that is more aware of health than ever before. Reusable cups are also environmentally friendly, especially if you are a regular visitor to a coffee outlet.

3. Sneezeguards and queue management systems

A single sneeze that is allowed to spread could leave you without several key staff members, which is far less than ideal. Installing sneeze guards at workstations can cushion any bacterial spread, preventing an outbreak before it begins. These special barriers are also easily cleaned with hot water, allowing them to reliably serve the workplace for a long while. Creating the right office environment and considering how best to keep an element of personal space will also make employees feel safer and happier. It is worth investigating the variety of screens and and queue management systems available for the many different types of environments.

4. Antimicrobial chairs

Even chairs can be given a treatment to inhibit the spread of disease. These could be paramount for reception areas or even the break room, where a single day could see dozens of staff members sitting on the same seat. These chairs are available in a vast range of styles from many different providers, so you should have no issue finding the furniture to fit your offices.

There are a whole host of innovations that can help your staff fight disease and feel safe at the office. At HeathBrook, we stock anti-viral clothing and many other forms of protection against disease, so feel free to contact us for more ideas.