Involving employees in uniform choice

Uniforms and branded workwear are common across various industries where branding is key, including hospitality, logistics, and retail. There are countless reasons why companies opt for a uniform - consistency, aesthetics, convenience. However when it comes to making a uniform choice, employees are often not involved in helping to decide what they should wear. Engaging employees in discussions about their workwear and holding semi-regular consultations about uniforms, can ensure that employees are satisfied at work. There are also some real benefits in terms of costs and customer satisfaction.

What does corporate clothing do for employees?

What to wear

The benefits of corporate uniforms aren't purely practical; some of them are psychological, too. A study found that the best employee uniforms improved employee self-confidence and boosted their credibility. In turn, this makes employees feel happier and more capable at work, as well as passing these benefits onto customers in the form of better service.

On the flip side, the same study found that some uniforms prompted rude comments from customers and, naturally, this doesn't have a positive effect on employee morale or productivity.

How your employees can help

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Designing a work uniform should take into consideration the effects of that uniform both on the customer and the employee. Ideally, a good work uniform should be something that employees are proud to wear, which incentivises hard work and productivity.

Partially, pride in the uniform must come from the company itself though. But the uniform itself is also important. This is where employees can get on board and engage with their workwear. The same study referenced above concluded that the best course of action for employers is to involve employees in uniform selection; after all, who's better placed to offer input than the people who will be wearing those uniforms?

Uniforms aren't just about branding; they're also about identity and safety. Allowing staff to contribute ideas to a new uniform design will not only result in a uniform which has been designed with all perspectives in mind, but it will help to boost employee engagement and pride in their daily workwear. If your staff know you've designed their uniform not just for the brand but for their health and wellbeing, you can guarantee they'll be happier to wear it. It will also mean they are likely to treat it with care and it will last longer.