PPE Items for the Government's Roadmap

In early 2021, the UK government proposed a roadmap that would lead to a lift on the national lockdown and re-engage industries that have been put on hold due to COVID-19.

May 17th is an important date along the road to recovery, and certainly worth celebrating, along with the speed with which the UK has experienced the rollout of vaccines. However, taking extra precautions as restrictions ease is still the long-term solution to the negative impacts of the Coronavirus.

Essential items on the government's roadmap out of lockdown

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In conjunction with the road map, workplaces needed to put certain measures in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

To help you to keep in line with the government’s guidance and ease out of lockdown safely, we discuss the essential items that your workplace should look to provide, when as a business you are getting to grips with the government’s roadmap out of lockdown.

#1. 3 ply masks - the best protection

3 Ply Mask

As most people are aware, face masks have become the new normal during the pandemic, and this is not about to change anytime soon. Face masks are essential for minimising the risk in social and work situations. The main purpose of face coverings is to protect other people from coronavirus, rather than yourself. If everyone wears one, the risk for all goes down.

The most effective masks that you should consider for your staff are 3 ply masks. Our 3 ply anti-bacterial masks have an outer layer made from 100% anti-droplet polyester mesh, a middle layer of anti-bacterial polyester mesh film, and an inner layer made of 100% anti-bacterial cotton. There is also an opportunity to brand these masks, the benefit of which we discussed in an earlier blog.

#2. Sanitiser stations - wide range available

Sanitiser Stations

To stop the spread of COVID-19, it is important that all employees maintain good hygiene by sanitising their hands after touching any shared objects and before eating or touching their face. We previously commented on how often we as humans touch our face, a staggering statistic.

To make hand sanitisation easy for employees to do throughout the day, you should try to supply a number of sanitising stations and position them in convenient places throughout a business. Thereby ensuring they work as a helpful reminder to staff and customers. The more accessible sanitation stations are, the more likely employees are to regularly use them. We have a wide range of sanitiser stations for every type of business, and offering great branding opportunities which is another way to show staff and customers you care.

#3. Anti-bacterial Wipes - effective in 30 seconds

72 Clinell Wipes

As well as regularly washing hands, it is essential that any shared surfaces/equipment is also sanitised regularly. Clinell wipes are the ideal solution to this as they are effective against the Coronavirus in just 30 seconds. The wipes are easy to store in a desk drawer or at a workstation and are a quick and easy way to clean down a surface before it is used by another person.

See how to use wipes effectively

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#4. Social Distancing

Although this one may not be an ‘essential item' on the roadmap, it is vital that all workplaces maintain social distancing practices throughout the easing out of lockdown. Social distancing minimises the risk of virus transmission and is the best way to keep staff and customers safe at work.

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