Branded uniform and employee satisfaction

Branded workwear and footwear ensure that a company is visible and that it's represented appropriately by all employees, but high-quality uniforms can also help boost employee satisfaction in a number of ways. Uniforms are often a significant aspect of solidifying and increasing employee satisfaction, so let's take a look at this in more detail to see the positive impact branding can have on your business.

1. Boosts employee confidence

Team uniform

Having a branded uniform or branded workwear can significantly increase an employee's confidence within the workplace. The branding on a uniform makes the employee more visible, which in turn increases the security that they feel when in a store or even out and about on a job. Many studies have shown that employees feel more confident in their roles as well as within themselves as a result of having company branding on their uniform, as it helps to promote their position. An employee's confidence is extremely valuable to ensuring job satisfaction.

The uniform itself however has to fit well, feel comfortable and be practical for the job. Especially where roles are customer facing, a number of studies report the negative impact particularly amongst hospitality staff, where an ill-fitted and impractical uniform has had the reserve effect on confidence. Involving employees in the process, and the full audit HeathBrook do for their clients means staff feel involved and the practicalities of their role are incorporated into the uniform design.

2. Increases employee credibility

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Branding on workwear also significantly contributes to increasing and establishing an employee's credibility in their role and working environment. Branding helps to demonstrate who an employee works for and often eases customer concerns when working on-site or visiting clients' homes. Not only does this make customers more comfortable, but employees don't have to spend time explaining who they are and which company they work for, reducing pressure and saving valuable time. Ultimately, branded workwear gives employees a sense of credibility and authority, boosting motivation and ensuring they get the job done to a high standard.

3. Secures equality amongst employees

Having a branded uniform also works to improve relationships between employees, in turn ensuring an employee's job satisfaction through the establishment of equality amongst their peers. A branded uniform boosts teamwork and a cohesive working environment as all employees have a brand reputation to uphold and represent together. The equality established amongst employees also boosts positive and friendly relationships and makes your business a more welcoming place to work.

How we can help

If you have any queries about uniform and workwear branding or if you wish to hear more about our uniforms and workwear products, contact us today at HeathBrook. In addition to offering you a complete sourcing, designing and uniform management service, we also offer printing and embroidery, so you can be sure the uniform matches the needs of each department in terms of design, colours and accurate logo styling and positioning.