The psychology behind work uniforms

Many workplaces and roles up and down the country require employees to wear a uniform. Even many corporate jobs, while not requiring a uniform as such, have dress codes in place to ensure that staff look professional. Providing a uniform is not simply an aesthetic choice from the company; there is actually a psychological purpose behind uniforms that explains why they are so effective.

Wearing a suit makes you think differently

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There is research that shows wearing a suit can make you perceive things differently. In psychological parlance, wearing a suit encourages people to use abstract processing more readily than concrete processing. In other words a suit can make you think more holistically about a problem, while a lab coat can make you focus in on the detail.

Having your staff wear a uniform is a great way to create brand awareness. Employers over the years have used dress and appearance policies to help create an employment brand. In fact dress codes and uniforms help employers fulfil varying goals of comfort, professionalism, safety, brand and image, but is it also possible to deduce from the research that the type of clothes employees wear also influence how they do their job?

Promoting teamwork

Team uniform

A uniform is a great and effective way to unite members of staff. Wearing similar clothing with the company logo clearly displayed allows employees to feel a sense of connection and unity with one another. When staff wear a uniform, they feel part of a group and a sense of team spirit is fostered. Good teamwork is essential to any business, and a uniform enhances this by presenting all members of staff as equals.

Improve employee engagement

Employee engagement

In any company, it is essential that employees feel valued and a strong sense of identity and purpose within the business. Wearing a uniform promotes employee engagement as each member of staff feels a strong connection to the company and its values. A uniform can also affect the culture of a workplace, reinforcing the idea that all employees are essential and valued parts of the company. This can improve how employees engage at work, allowing them to be more productive and feel motivated to work hard every day. Psychological research has actually shown that those who conformed to a dress code at work had increased abstract thinking and productivity.

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