Top 5 Ways to Maintain Your Uniforms

Whatever your profession, it is very likely you are required to dress appropriately for work. Dressing the part provides an impression of your professionalism and the competence of the organization you work for.

In a number of industries, it is even a requirement to wear special technical uniforms. Uniforms give confidence and provide trust to whoever you are interacting with. That is why it is important to select the best quality and the right supplier. Uniforms are intended to last a reasonably time and should pass health and safety standards. According to the Personal Protective Equipment (1992), all equipment including your clothing should protect you against one or more health and safety risks. Taking care of your uniform is not a difficult process but it requires consistency and adhering to simple instructions. In this short article, we will discuss the top 5 ways to take care of your uniforms.

1. Weekly Cleaning Habit

Regular maintenance of your uniform can increase its longevity. It goes without saying that you only clean uniforms that are used or dirty or have been stored away for a long time. Consistency is key here.

2. Fabric selection & colours

The best way to maintain your uniform will depend on the fabric it is made of and how you decide to wash it. Cotton uniforms should be washed by hand or machine wash, however, only allowed to hang dry. Wool uniforms can be washed by hands or by dry cleaning but never with machine wash. To avoid colour stains, only wash whites with whites and colours with colours.

3. Iron and starch your uniform

Once you’ve washed your uniform, it is imperative that you iron it and starch it accordingly. Make sure you do not iron or starch uniforms that are not meant to be. Some uniforms such as sports jerseys and silk are not meant to be starched.

4. Shine your shoes

No uniform is complete without shoes unless you work barefooted. It is often said that the first thing people look at are your shoes so shining them makes you stand out. Clean your shoes with a cloth or simply using polish as necessary.

5. Storage

It may seem like a lot of effort is put into washing and ironing your uniforms. However, no matter how well you’ve done that, you cannot forget to store your uniforms in clean and dry place. Avoid storing them in places with strong odours or humidity.

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