Differentiating staff roles through uniform

Uniforms are perfect for your staff to bond together, feel a sense of belonging and generally boost engagement. However, not all staff are equal within the workplace. In large public-facing organisations, this is very common. So how do you get the balance correct, when factors such as safety and visibility don't take priority.

How much difference does there need to be?

Hospitality uniforms

When you have multiple departments that require different skill sets, a differential uniform can be useful. A differential uniform is workwear with the same branding but with slight differences based on the job role.

A classic example of this is Dartmoor Zoo. Their keepers wear one colour top while administration staff wore another. This workwear scheme allowed guests at the zoo to find the right staff member who can help them with a specific need. A simple trick like this can increase customer experiences and prevent staff from being approached with queries they’re not equipped to deal with.

More ideas on how to differentiate

Different colour medical uniforms

When it comes to making changes to the uniform, there are several ways that you can do this. The first is to have the staff’s department or section printed on the back of the uniform. This option is a subtle difference that can work well. However, if someone is looking for a particular department to help, it can be hard to find if they can’t see the back.

Colour is one of the obvious choices. But the choice in colour must still represent your brand and the niche your business operates within. If you’ve got three or four colours within your branding, this can be a simple option. If you only use one colour, you can sometimes find that some staff members will be wearing colours customers might not recognise.

Or there is a choice of using an accessory to help differentiate between departments, keeping the main uniform the same for all. For example, those in a public area of your business could wear a hat or cap to denote their department. The accessory could be colour coded to make it easier to recognise from a distance. By using an accessory, you can benefit from the advantages of workwear uniform and differentiation. Accessories can also be a perfect way to identify first aiders, so customers and employees can find them in crowded space quickly if needed.

Recognising staff specialisms

Staff are usually specialists in a specific field. If you have a public-facing company, then you might want to distinguish between staff duties so customers can get a better experience. By adjusting workwear, you can achieve this with ease, while also maintaining a corporate identity that gives employees both authority and pride.