Ways to engage staff

If your employees are happy and engaged in their work, the chances are that they’re going to be more productive. Therefore, keeping employees engaged is a victory all-round. It might feel challenging to come up with new, positive ideas that keep employees involved and enthusiastic, especially when more people are working remotely or dividing their time between working at home and on-site. In this blog, we’ve put together a few ideas, we hope will help.

What is employee engagement?

Team engagement

Employee engagement is considered to be an emotional and mental connection that employees feel towards their employer and within the working environment. Employees that have a positive association and positive connection to their work environment are said to be more enthusiastic and productive, which overall helps to contribute to the productivity and success of the company, brand, or business as a whole. For more details on what it means and for interesting statistic take a look at this link.

Why is employee engagement important?

Employee engagement is important for both the employees and the employer. As briefly mentioned, workers who are more enthusiastic towards their role in the working environment boost productivity for the entire workplace - but employee productivity isn't the only important result of positive employee engagement. For example, employee engagement also contributes to creating a good reputation for the company or brand as a whole which will significantly benefit sales and business for that company or brand. Employee engagement also works to create a safe working environment for employees where they feel comfortable and supported by their employers and their colleagues. While we are sharing some ideas there is no better substitute than asking employees what motivates them.

Idea 1: Use an employee experience platform

Similar to one of the usual social media platforms, an employee experience platform gives employees a dedicated digital space to interact, be recognised for their achievements, and gain rewards for their hard work. There are various platforms available that are specifically intended for workplaces. With remote working now being commonplace, this is a great way to build and nurture relationships when staff might be working together in person less. At HeathBrook we use Teamphoria.

Idea 2: Newsletter

HR or leadership teams might send out bulletins with company news and information, but getting together a committee of staff to coordinate a regular company newsletter is a great way to get employees involved and keep them engaged. Having volunteers compile the newsletter lets them share the news and achievements that matter to them, as well as including fun elements like quizzes or jokes. Employees can be creative with the format too – it could be a more traditional email but could also take another form, such as a video.

Idea 3: Swap responsibilities around

A task that gives one team member a feeling of dread might be something that someone else really enjoys. Ask your employees which single task they would drop from their workload if they could and see if you can swap certain tasks between different team members. This is also a great way to let staff try out new tasks and develop new skills, as well as making them feel heard - great ways to boost engagement in themselves.

Idea 4: Promote wellbeing

Promoting physical and mental wellbeing in a meaningful way demonstrates to employees that you care about them. If they feel nurtured, they’re more likely to be engaged with their work. There are so many different ways to do this. Perks like on-site yoga sessions in a quiet, empty meeting room, weekly healthy lunches provided by the company, free fruit or other healthy snacks, and flexible working options are just some of the ways to show your staff that their wellbeing matters.

Idea 5: The role of uniform

Employee engagement

When employees are all wearing a uniform within their workplace, the uniform helps to make the employee feel a strong sense of belonging and purpose within their workplace. This sense of belonging encourages teamwork and good morale amongst colleagues and provides a positive reflection back on the employer.

Wearing a uniform can be a significant confidence booster for the employee that wears them. The universality of uniforms instils equality across the workforce, which can be extremely beneficial in solidifying employee's individual confidence in their capabilities and their role within the larger working environment. Having employees that feel comfortable and confident in their working role is also a great way to harness a good reputation for the company or brand and encourages success.

Let us help

See how we help a number of sectors in their uniform choice and for an idea of the depth of our range, visit our product pages. We work with you and your staff to design workwear that is of the highest standard and put the employee at the centre - a great way to engage employees.