What colour uniform?

What do we say through the colours we like to wear?

There are various things to consider when designing a successful work uniform. Factors include functionality and perhaps how fitting it is for our current times. A good example of this is a range of corporate wear we now offer made of anti-viral material, designed to stand up against Coronavirus.

However, one important element of a work uniform that can be overlooked is colour. It may be as simple as designing a uniform in the brand colours, but if this isn’t the intention, it might help to read our guide to what we say through the colours we like to wear.

Be serious with black

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If you want your business’s work uniform to project a serious and purposeful image, classic black is an excellent choice. It’s a strong colour that studies have shown inspires confidence – if you want to give employees and the business a solid, reliable image, using black in the work uniform is a good option.

Choose blue for confidence

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Black is not the only colour known to inspire confidence. Blues tend to be associated with confidence, tranquillity, and intelligence, which may be why blue uniforms and business suits are often popular. Some studies have found that darker shades of blue can have a calming effect – for some industries, a work uniform that invokes calm could be beneficial

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Look regal or creative in purple

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Black and blue might be conventional colours for work uniforms, but perhaps your business needs something that stands out. Purple is a dynamic choice for a uniform; traditionally it has been associated with royalty and sophistication, whilst in modern times it has connotations of creativity. If you are making decisions on a unique uniform for a business that thinks outside the box, purple is worth considering.

Attract attention with red uniforms

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A bright shade of red is another colour that makes a work uniform a real attention grabber. If employees need to be highly visible or give off an air of energy and vibrancy, red is a fantastic option. Wearing red can also give the suggestion of being persuasive.

White for purity and simplicity

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White is a neutral colour and can fit well with almost any other colour as part of a uniform. Crisp white shirts look professional alongside other uniform pieces in another colour. Alternatively, a completely white uniform conveys simplicity and purity. This may be why white uniforms can be seen in industries such as dentistry and beauty therapy.

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