What makes a good uniform fabric?

Colour and cut are the obvious factors to consider when looking for a new uniform or suite of corporate clothing – after all, they’re the first thing that catches the eye, and arguably the first thing noted by customers, clients, and colleagues. When it comes to lasting good looks and wearability though, understanding the best fabric choice is essential. Get this right and you’ll have workwear that feels great as well as looking good – get it wrong, and you’ll have uncomfortable colleagues, and clothing that quickly looks shabby.

Is it breathable?

ORN Earth jackets

Breathability for your workwear is a surefire way to ensure comfort for your colleagues. Breathable fabric allows excess moisture to escape, leaving colleagues feeling comfortable and refreshed, even at the end of a challenging day. Some natural fabrics such as linen have excellent breathable qualities, and many specialist man-made fabrics have moisture-wicking properties, which actively move moisture from the skin – ideal for high energy occupations.

The image shows a great example of a stylish and breathable jacket (breathability rating 3,000g/m2/24hr) from our partners at Orn.

Is it comfortable?

As well as breathability, there are other elements of fabric that influence how comfortable your workwear will be. For garments that will be worn against the skin, fabrics that are lightweight, to the point of feeling barely there, are ideal. Natural fabrics do this well, and cotton, silk or linen are known for their soft touch. Some man-made fibres are equally as pleasing next to the skin, and many of our products incorporate blended fabrics that harness the positive properties of both natural and man-made fibres.

Is it durable?

The challenge for anyone seeking top-quality workwear is how to achieve the balance between durability and comfort. Fabric for uniforms and workwear needs to stand up to intense wear and tear – not only on the job, but in terms of ongoing care. Workwear clothing is worn and washed so frequently, it needs to be resilient against colour fading, stretching, and pilling. As an example, polyester is great in terms of durability, but not so good when it comes to comfort, whereas cotton and synthetic blends marry the best qualities of both fabrics.

Does it use any innovative technology?

Clubclass Av Tex

One of the most exciting innovations is the development of infection-resistant clothing, and something like the AV Tex range of clothing is a great way to increase employee protection, without compromising comfort or style, as you can see from the image above.

And not just garments there is innovative technology in footwear options for example our tactical footwear range that was developed in conjunction with emergency services to provide added protection to the bottom of the foot, or a unique way to protect the metatarsal in our Airlite® Met-Guard Waterproof Boot.

And we mustn't forget sustainability, from sustainable footwear to stylish corporate jackets there is plenty of opportunities to make the organisation and employees feel good about what they wear.

Your HeathBrook Advisor

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Whatever your industry, choosing the right fabric for your corporate clothing, uniforms, or workwear will help your team to feel as comfortable and possible, whilst being great ambassadors for your brand, and of course working at the very top of their game.

Your HeathBrook advisor will work with you to understand your employees' specific workwear needs and then design a range that takes into account all aspects of fabric technology, to offer you a range that ticks all the boxes. We also uncover cost savings, so that you can re-invest those saving in quality fabrics that mean employees have better quality and more comfortable workwear, without the need for greater investment - why not put us to the test.