why brand masks

Wearing PPE for work - such as a mask due to the Covid-19 pandemic - can still be a positive experience as long as it's handled correctly. While the primary purpose of masks is helping to stop the spread of the virus, they can also be branded as a means of increasing employee engagement and presenting a professional image to customers.

Go beyond the legal requirements

3 ply brandable mask

Employees must wear a mask in many industries where close contact with the public is likely. These sectors include hospitality, retail, public transport, indoor shopping centres, supermarkets, banks, post offices, building societies, auction houses and premises providing professional, financial or legal services.

Now that face masks have become the norm, this is an ideal opportunity to use them as a valuable tool for your business. Masks are a widespread part of day-to-day life, but rather than being one of the masses, use them as a more unique branding product to make your employees feel like a part of something bigger. There has been some real company success stories from companies supplying branded masks, not only from a safety perspective but as a brand engagement perspective. The masks created for the Camden Watch company fo their staff were seen as so stylish they started selling them to the public.

It is also worth noting if you are looking for a reusable masks for staff that The World Health Organisation recommends 3 layers of fabric for masks, in order to give you the best form of protection. Our 3 Ply Anti-Bacterial Masks have an outer layer made from 100% anti-droplet polyester mesh, a middle layer of anti-bacterial polyester mesh film, and an inner layer made of 100% anti-bacterial cotton. They are comfortable to wear, have fully adjustable ear loops, are machine washable and provide a high level of protection for all your staff. They can also be branded with your logo. The recommendation for the number of masks to be issued per employee is always 1 in the wash, 1 on the face and 1 ready to be used.

How does branding really help?

Branding establishes a critical link between the company, employees and customers. A custom mask can be shown off anywhere and reminds the employees they are representing their company. It is a visual reminder that everyone belongs to one team, with a shared goal.

It can turn every employee into a brand ambassador, enhancing a sense of belonging and pride. This helps to align employees with the organisation's ethos. However, making sure employees know what the brand stands for is the key, as they will become increasingly committed to reinforcing it with their actions.

A good manager will probably tell the team how important they are when wearing their branded mask, acting as an ambassador for the company. This should make staff feel that their role is important and their input valued, and because of the primary role of masks, it should also hopefully make them feel safe.

The first thing customers see

Branded Mask Concept

In terms of marketing, a face mask is the perfect place to showcase your brand's logo. It will be the first thing people see when they are speaking to employees. It therefore acts as a way of showing the public that you care about both customer's and your staff's safety and that you are doing all you can to maintain your professional image in the face of current adversities.

We offer a wide selection of face coverings that can be branded and can also advise on Virus Mitigation Products to keep you business and your employees safe. As a company that embroiders and prints workwear, has a wide range of PPE and are well versed in assisting companies fight the spread of the Coronavirus, so we are in an ideal position to help you with all your branded workwear need. Contact us now to discuss the possibilities.