Occupational Footwear - Emergency Services and Security


A range of occupational footwear which meets the needs of emergency service personnel and security guards. Unique in benefits, providing greater protection, while affording your organisation significant savings in cost.

Occupational Footwear with Midsole Protection as standard

Developed in conjunction with the emergency services. Using the highest level of innovative technology in shoe construction. We are able to offer approved occupational footwear, that affords the wearer protection against broken glass, nails and other hazards, due to the penetration-resistant midsole incorporated across the entire range. 

In addition to the protection afforded by this range of occupational footwear and safety shoes, comfort is also a priority.

"The most comfortable boots I've ever worn for my job" - Police Officer, Strathclyde.

"I've found the flexibility and how lightweight they are to be fantastic - ideal especially for driving and as comfortable now as the first day I wore them" - Paramedic, Manchester.

Helping the emergency services

Our lightweight metal-free, anti-static occupational footwear comes with a penetration resistant midsole as standard, making it a unique offering versus others on the market. 

All products also feature a unique HexaGrrip sole, designed to give an outstanding grip and for added reassurance this is certified by the UK government's HSL laboratory. After one million steps on a pedatron (specialist stepping machine) the HexaGrip still achieved a slip rating in excess of SRC, the highest slip rating found on footwear. Most occupational footwear is either SRA or has no slip resistance rating.

We are conscious that the emergency services need a shoe that is both comfortable and offers a high level of protection so key features also include:

  • Waterproof uppers that repel water for a significant period of time
  • or Water-resistant uppers that repel water for a short period of time
  • Heat-resistant outsole - protection without damage up to 300°C without damage (heat resistant soles are few and far between yet this feature is throughout the range)
  • Anti-static protection - against spark ignition
  • Fuel oil resistant

So whether they are used in fire stations, on patrol or when attending an ambulance services' incident, your staff have one less thing to worry about.

Meeting exacting standards

Occupational Footwear

Occupational footwear does not feature a toe cap and is worn where there is no risk to the foot through either impact or compression. The industry standard is EN20347:2012 and with a penetration-resistant midsole as standard, our occupational styles are certified to 03, the highest level of protection.

Featured Shoe: Ranger Hiker 

Certified to EN20347:2012 03 WR FO HRO SRC.

  • Waterproof leather upper
  • Protective midsole
  • Metal-free (scanner friendly)
  • Fuel oil resistant
  • 300°C heat-resistant PU/rubber sole
  • Energy absorbing heel
  • Anti-static
  • Ultra-high grip sole
  • Side YKK zip (for easy put-on and removal)
  • EaziStep padded insole for comfort
  • Available sizes 6-12

For security services

When it comes to security services comfort is as much an essential requirement as protection. It is good to know that the technology employed in this range provides maximum comfort.

Features include

  • Quality comfort insoles throughout the range
  • Injected PU to Rubber double density technology for maximum adhesion and comfort
  • Highly flexible due to innovative technology
  • Unlike many occupational footwear the whole range is metal free and scanner safe

Comfort, style and safety

A comfortable waterproof trainer with safety as standard

Featured Shoe: Ensign Trainer 

Certified to EN20347:2012 03 WR FO HRO SRC.

  • Waterproof leather upper
  • Lightweight penetration-resistant composite midsole
  • Metal-free (scanner friendly)
  • Fuel oil resistant, 300°C heat-resistant PU/rubber sole
  • Energy absorbing heel
  • Anti-static
  • Ultra-high grip sole
  • EaziStep padded insole for comfort
  • Available sizes 6-12

Safety Footwear also part of this stylish range

The Emergency Services Safety Boot

Safety footwear has all the features of the Occupational styles plus the enhanced protection of a toe cap that guards against the dangers of impact from falling objects and compression. The industry standard is EN 20345:2011 and Blackrock Tactical Safety styles feature a toe cap made from metal-free composite material that is strong yet lightweight.

Featured Shoe: Emergency Service Boot 

Certified to EN20345 03 WR FO HRO SRC.

  • Metal free safety toe cap
  • Waterproof leather upper
  • Light-weight protective midsole
  • 300°C heat-resistant, anti-static and fuel oil resistant PU/rubber sole
  • GRIP level 4 ultra-non-slip HexaGrip technology
  • EaziStep padded insole for comfort
  • Side zip for easy put on and removal

Download our PDF to see how much you can reduce your footwear budget by, while offering maximum protection.