Safety Footwear

Resilient safety footwear for any working environment

Combining fit and comfort with advanced functionality and safety features, all our footwear products are vigorously tested with specific industries in mind. Offering a range of styles to cover all walks of work, including the most demanding or hazardous working environments.

Contact us with your requirements and we will provide you with a comprehensive selection of footwear to choose from. So, whether you are looking for a specific industry requirement or just want a selection of stylish shoes and boots, that meet all required safety standards, we will have something for you.

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We offer a wide range of well known brands so you have the best possible choice
  • U Power Dark
  • Giasco Dark
  • Cofra Dark
  • Dr Martens Dark
  • Lavoro Dark
  • Anvil Dark

Tactical Footwear

We offer a range of tactical occupational footwear developed in conjunction with the emergency services. 

In professions such as Ambulance, Fire, Rescue, Police and Security Services, the priorities are comfort, slip resistance, chemical and water resistance and ensuring the bottom of the foot is fully protected from sharp objects. This is why at HeathBrook, we highly recommend our tactical range of footwear, and its comprehensive array of styles. 

Working in collaboration with our customers, we continue to develop new designs that allow workers to work confidently, comfortably and safely. You’ll find our best-selling styles marketed under our exclusive brand: Lightyear – Safety without Metal

This range demonstrates our commitment to meeting the challenges of working in a public environment with specific safety and security demands. Especially designed with demanding airport requirements in mind.

We’re on hand to offer specialist footwear advice for any workplace setting

metatarsal foot protection from Airlite

'Top of foot' protection using an innovative product called PORON-XRD. A flexible material that hardens with impact, providing immediate protection from falling objects.

Safety Footwear that makes a difference

U Power Red Lion will recharge your every step, while SK Grip is totally dedicated to slip resistance and flexibility.

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