Virus Protection Products

Getting the right advice and the right product

Are you confused about what PPE you require to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus? Do you want to be sure that you have the right product and have expert advice on how to use it? As experts in PPE for over 20 years we want to give you and your employees the confidence they need to feel safe.

3 PLY Mask
Medical 3 ply mask
FFP2 Folded Respirator
FFP3 Moulded Respirator
FFP3 Respirator with valve
Forceā„¢ 8 HALF MASK
Anti-bacterial Face Covering
Neck Gaitor


The suitability of masks does need to be based on a full risk assessment, but we will try to give some guidance and links to expert advice here:

  • FFP1 masks filter air or impurities
  • FFP2 meets the guidance given by the World Health Organisation (WHO)
  • FFP3 the highest level of protection 

We offer both disposable and re-usable masks. It is important to not only consider the ratings above but how often reusable masks can be washed and how to wear masks properly so they can do their job.

Our Virus Mitigation Catalogue is not only packed with different masks, respirators and face coverings, it includes a comprehensive guide to choosing the right mask.


We recommend Gripsafe Nitrile gloves. They are thicker than many nitrile disposable gloves, making them perfect for those involved in a virus deep clean, or for staff maintaining toilet facilities. These gloves are more resistant to snagging than ordinary disposable gloves, affording employees even greater protection.

We have a wide range of gloves which can be purchased by enquiring here or using our online store.

For correct sizing, we recommend this chart and for explaining the correct way to remove gloves these instructions will help.


The features of our face shield include

  • Anti-fog
  • Anti-splash
  • High Light Transmission
  • Light Weight
  • Zero obstruction of line of sight

While our Goggles are certified EN-166 & EN-167:2002, lightweight and exceptionally comfortable to wear. Giving staff the eye protection they need.

Read our latest blog on the type of protection face shields can provide. Note the Government recommend wearing a mask with a face shield - find out why.


We also a range of disposable aprons, coveralls and overshoes and can advice on the correct disposable PPE for your requirements. Take a look at our catalogue or contact us for further information.

For more information on back to work PPE

We have written a comprehensive guide packed with information on how to ensure all staff have the right PPE for their return to work.