Airport staff uniforms & Workwear

We recognise just how critical aircraft turnaround time is to the efficient running of all airports. One of the fundamental ways we support your operation is to ensure that your people have access to the right tools at the right time, to avoid delays. Plus, we deliver airside to make the whole process easier.

Whether you are considering upgrading your hearing protection, looking for whole uniform solutions or wish to source more functional hi-vis jackets, at HeathBrook we are constantly innovating our range of solutions to ensure your team not only looks its best, but performs at its best, at all times.

Development Workshops

Join one of our Airport Workwear Development Workshops and explore how to keep your teams looking and feeling their best – with clothing designed to help them carry out their jobs effectively and safely.


Superior functionality and comfort is built into all our workwear garments. We offer a wide selection of workwear to meet the varying needs and job functions associated with the airline industry.

The Gatwick Story
Read about our success story with one of UK's main airports
Our Brands

An entirely new concept in the footwear market – safety footwear, crafted and created using non-metallic materials. We have worked closely with our customers to design and manufacturer a footwear range that enables them to work confidently, comfortably and safely.

Designed and manufactured in Italy to exacting standards, the range is extremely lightweight and comfortable and we have a broad variety of styles available to suit most industries.

Lightyear is currently worn and appreciated by thousands of employees across the UK and Europe and has enjoyed enormous success. We invite you to try them for yourself by requesting a free trial today.

Exclusive to HeathBrook, TopDrawer presents exquisitely tailored business wear and high-quality, tailor-made garments. Produced in the UK and Europe from fine fabrics, which are painstakingly sourced and selected for quality to ensure they are worthy of the brand.

The HeathBrook team thrive on a challenge to create something unique; if you have a requirement for a smart uniform solution please get in touch to find out more.

Uniform Needs Assessment