Workwear for the Healthcare sector

At HeathBrook, we have witnessed how long hours on your feet, day and night, caring for patients requires a lot of perseverance and kindness. That is why we select footwear which is kind to feet… it keeps joints free of pain after long shifts, helping to maintain the resilience of each team member.

We help staff stay healthy by specially treating the fabric that makes up their garments. We use the anti-bacterial properties of silver in such a way that it can actually minimise the chance of spreading infection. Plus, we are able to offer a range of virus mitigation products.


Virus Protection Products

We have a wide range of virus protection products that we can offer healthcare staff. This includes masks, sanitisation stations and disposable gloves.

Uniform management

Uniform management for Healthcare professionals. We offer a range of uniforms for front of house teams and care professionals. 


We are able to supply nurses' uniforms specifically designed to meet the taxing demands of the job. 

See our embroidery in action

View our in-house embroidery facilities. We can help with your identification requirements and brand identity.

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Uniform Needs Assessment