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Logistics and Warehousing uniforms and workwear

The concept of ‘on time, in full’ means as much to our team at HeathBrook as it does to you. Your world is driven by the increasing demand for immediacy and completeness so we see every reason why we should offer the same service to you across all our solutions.

You want to ensure that your people look their best when they are representing your company and we therefore enable that by offering delivery at the times and locations that matter to you and your teams. In addition to convenience, our man-packing service ensures that each of your people receives a complete order personal to them.


We have a wide range of workwear clothing for the logistics and warehousing sector. Durability and strength of garments is essential, as we know they need to withstand the rigours of the job. You need hardworking fabrics and items such as waterproof (or even freezer) boots - our extensive range covers all these requirements. We also look to ensure that staff are fully engaged with what they are wearing. 

Virus Protection Products

We have a wide range of virus protection products that we can offer drivers and logistic staff. This includes sanitisation stations and gloves.  

Logistics and Warehousing work wear specialists

We stock an extensive range of safety equipment to complement the range. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our WorkWear Manager website, we’ll be happy to source it for you.

As a national maintenance and building company with over 4500 members of staff, at more than 60 locations across the UK, we chose to work with HeathBrook to design and roll-out a new-look corporate uniform, due to their flexible approach to providing a solution. They were able to offer competitive prices, whilst improving the quality and comfort of the garments.
Purchasing Manager, Major Maintenance & Building Company

Our customers ask for the TuffStitch brand because they are assured of excellent value for money and appreciate that this range will outlast anything else they have tried.

This range of workwear has been specially designed to suit its environment, with careful fabric selection, style, sizing and construction. Seams are reinforced for durability and extended product life and the fastenings are selected for their reliability and to last the length of the garments life. 

If you have a requirement for a durable clothing range that is made to last, get in touch to request samples and more information.

An entirely new concept in the footwear market – safety footwear, crafted and created using non-metallic materials. We have worked closely with our customers to design and manufacturer a footwear range that enables them to work confidently, comfortably and safely.

Designed and manufactured in Italy to exacting standards, the range is extremely lightweight and comfortable and we have a broad variety of styles available to suit most industries.

Lightyear is currently worn and appreciated by thousands of employees across the UK and Europe and has enjoyed enormous success. We invite you to try them for yourself by requesting a free trial today.

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