Rail Uniforms

Practical hardwearing outfits for crews, station staff and operational teams on the move

From tailored uniforms to the latest GO/RT compliant clothing, PPE and safety footwear, we’ll help you find the most appropriate clothing for any role. Our extensive collection of high quality garments and accessories includes our Lightyear Safety Footwear range, hi-vis clothing and wet weather gear – and feature durable, breathable fabrics for maximum wearer comfort

Safety first

Our Workwear Manager online ordering management system helps keep you compliant, ensuring you only order products and safety equipment appropriate to a staff member’s job role and PPE qualifications.

An entirely new concept in the footwear market – safety footwear, crafted and created using non-metallic materials. We have worked closely with our customers to design and manufacturer a footwear range that enables them to work confidently, comfortably and safely.

Designed and manufactured in Italy to exacting standards, the range is extremely lightweight and comfortable and we have a broad variety of styles available to suit most industries.

Lightyear is currently worn and appreciated by thousands of employees across the UK and Europe and has enjoyed enormous success. We invite you to try them for yourself by requesting a free trial today.

Exclusive to HeathBrook, TopDrawer presents exquisitely tailored business wear and high-quality, tailor-made garments. Produced in the UK and Europe from fine fabrics, which are painstakingly sourced and selected for quality to ensure they are worthy of the brand.

The HeathBrook team thrive on a challenge to create something unique; if you have a requirement for a smart uniform solution please get in touch to find out more.

Our Brands
Since we have changed to using HeathBrook we have had an excellent service, the standard and quality of the clothing is excellent and a vast improvement from our previous supplier. You have always delivered on time and the individual uniform package for each person is a great benefit and ensures that each person receives the correct items.
John, General Manager, Leading European Logistics Company

Uniform Needs Assessment